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Bonus #1: FABfit Balance

FABfit Balance makes all the difference in seeing results quicker! We all know that it’s a combination of exercise and diet that will bring the BEST results!  You will learn exactly what YOUR body needs and how to finally find success without giving up your favorite foods!

Bonus #2: Macros Cliff Notes

Ever skip reading the book and just read the Cliff Notes?  Well I’m giving you an exclusive 1-page Cliff Notes version of FABfit Balance!  It’s everything you need to get started quickly! I do not offer this anywhere else!  If you want this invaluable guide –    join today! 

Bonus #3: Private FB Group

Being part of the Private Facebook Group will help expedite your success!  You have access to a community of women to support and encourage you.  You can ask questions for on the spot answers and even search for topics of conversation!

Bonus #4: Free Challenges

When you have the Year Plus membership you will automatically get all of the Challenges offered throughout the year for FREE!  I usually offer 4 challenges a year to keep you motivated and accountable!

JOIN FABfit And Have Yearly Access
To Amazing Workouts Plus SO Much MORE!

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“I started FABfit about a year after having my second child.  At that time I was about 40 pounds over weight, had little energy, lacked confidence, and didn’t think I could fit in a workout program while juggling a family and full time job.  Once I started FABfit I was hooked because it easily fit into my busy schedule and I worked out at the times that were convenient to me and my family.  This program has  given me the permission to do something for myself!  I’ve become stronger, lost weight,  and gained confidence. Adding in FABfit Balance made all the difference for me! I’m so proud to be part of the FABfit community!”

“Results after 6-weeks of macro tracking! I’ve never tracked macros before, and the Balance program made it easy to learn and follow. Lauren’s suggestions for high protein foods and recipes were super helpful for hitting my goals each day and staying on track! I was still able to eat plenty of yummy foods and have a glass of wine at night. Following the program just made me more aware of portion sizes and protein!”

“I couldn’t speak more highly of the FABfit programs– both the Balance and the Fitness programs.  FABfit Balance taught me where I needed to put more focus in my diet…Hello protein macros. It took me about 2-3 weeks to get into it but once I did, it became a habit.  In four months, I am down 22 pounds thanks to the FABfit Balance program. Best part: I didn’t have to give up my favorite wine, cocktail, or dessert (I love them all)…it’s just all about Balance. I also completed the FABfit Beginner workouts to complement the nutritional program. It was a win-win combo for me. I could do it on my time and eat the foods that I loved in moderation. Investing in my health is the best decision I made.”

What is FABfit Balance?

FABfit Balance is an online nutrition course where you not only learn all about nutrition but also how to set your personal numbers to reach your goals— whether you want to lose weight, to maintain your weight, to learn to eat in balance, to gain muscle, etc.

FABfit Balance is very individual and not just a meal plan or a set of rules and restrictions. It’s about learning what is right for your body so you can find the most success and live a happy healthy guilt-free life!

The goal isn’t to eat as little as possible. The goal is to be able to eat as much as you can while still seeing results– you see metabolisms don’t thrive on too much restriction. You’ll learn how to have a healthy metabolism so you can not only lose weight but keep it off forever!

It’s the combination of amazing workouts that target muscle groups for optimal results and personalized nutrition that you can actually stick with long term!

FABfit is the most realistic workout and nutrition program!  No fad diets, crazy workouts, or quick fixes.  Just real results through specially designed plans and consistency!  

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