Lauren is a busy working mom of three who started a fitness business after struggling to find time to work out. Her workouts are designed for busy people and she’s passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals.

Lauren has been determined to get past the hurdles along the way and continues to help empower women and help them make life changes for their health and fitness. She works really hard to bring you the best workouts and programs, while motivating and inspiring all members of the FABfit community.

Lauren holds certifications in Sports Nutrition and Personal Fitness Training with a focus on Strength Training through AAAI/ISMA.

  • Personal Training with an emphasis on Weight Training and Strength Training
  • Sports Nutrition with an emphasis on Women’s Hormonal Holistic Health

Hello! I am so glad you’re here.

Fitness was not always part of my life but when my boys were almost 3, I decided it was time to start feeling better about myself and to devote some time to me! The change did not happen overnight and it did not happen without a lot of effort, determination, focus, and perseverance. The biggest changes that happened were not the physical changes but the changes that happened on the inside– and that’s what really matters!

I started FABfit because I needed to feel better and I couldn’t make it to the gym with everything on my plate. It started as just one day a week after school with some teachers I work with and has grown into all that it is now!

I work really hard to bring you the best workouts and programs. I love motivating and inspiring all members of the FABfit community. That’s my “why”— I lead this group because I love being part of all of your fitness journeys and I love that I get to see how FABfit makes an impact on your life.

XO ~ Lauren


Lauren and her family lead an active life, being a good example along the way.