Purchase FABfit Balance

The FABfit Balance is a self-pace online nutrition course. This virtual course DOES NOT include one-on-one or group coaching. For coaching please sign up to join the waitlist on the Nutrition page. 

In this course you will:

  • Access to a self-pace virtual course and tons of resources 
  • Learn how to accurately calculate and adjust your macros using a custom macro calculator
  • Learn tips and tricks for tracking macros and using My Fitness Pal
  • Have the support, accountability, and encouragement of the FABfit Balance community all working toward the same goal
  • Also includes: 4 day sample meal plan, recipes and food ideas, tutorial videos, macro friendly food swaps, and so much more! 
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee– just email lauren@fabfitbylw.com
"I truly LOVED FABFit Balance. I don't feel like I'm on a diet. It's everything I've always wanted to know about eating well that I never learned. For the first time I really do feel balanced and that I'm fueling my body the way I should be. This is the best I've ever felt in my life and I'm excited to continue my journey." ​
"Thanks for all of your help! This TRULY changed My life. I will NEVER diet again because I know a quick fix diet won’t be something I can maintain. Learning about macros and learning to deal with my relationship with food has been really life changing. Loving myself, working to become stronger, and eating to support my body is my focus."
"I really enjoyed the Balance program and I feel like I have a good foundation to help reach my goals. I liked how you showed that healthy eating doesn’t have to involve hours and hours of meal prep - just having basics on hand goes a long way. Even though I didn’t follow macros consistently these last 6 weeks, I have the tools to keep trying!"
"I'm so thankful to have found FABfit Balance. I've often struggled with weight, especially after having my kids and then the pandemic hit - hello stress eating! I've tried a number of diets over the years each working for a bit and then eventually I returned to my old ways because I was tired of being hungry. I would feel so deprived and then would just binge. When I saw FABfit Balance the first time I passed. How would this be different? Then finally I reached the point where I just needed to do something so I decided to give it a try. I'm so happy I did. For the first time in my life I'm satisfied when it comes to food. Previously I would have a lot of ups and downs during the day and running for food at the low energy/starving parts of the day often overeating and making very unhealthy quick choices. With FABfit Balance I learned the real problem was I wasn't eating the right things. I wasn't getting enough protein. Within the first week I noticed a difference. I was steady all day, my cravings seemed to disappear. Several weeks in I felt the best I had felt in years and it just kept me going. This was now a lifestyle change not a quick fix. I think the real moment for me was the week I had three events where I'd be eating out. It made me nervous, but I in moderation and did my best to stick to my macros and I still lost weight that week. In the past that would have been a week I gained on a diet and then it would have been the beginning of the end. I'm still working at this program, but I'm so thankful I found it and Lauren. Lauren is so supportive and practical. She wants you to live your life not deprive yourself. If you are on the fence, just jump and give it a try. You will be happy you did.​"